Website Development

Website Design & DevelopmentThere are some major distinctions between website design and website development, and they are super important to understand going into your website project!

Your website is often your company’s first impression to your ideal customers. You want it to be a good one! You want it to be appealing and engaging, perform well, look good on mobile devices, and make people want to keep looking at what you have to offer. You also want it to rank well on search engines like Google, Bing, and even Facebook. Did you know Facebook is considered a search engine? It totally is!

At Rise Marketing Solutions, we specialize in creating attractive, high-performing websites, but we also incorporate ways for small businesses to set themselves up for growth! Your website will be eCommerce ready, membership capable, and ready when you are to evolve to the next level!

Outstanding Performance

Sites developed by our team here at Rise Marketing are fast, optimized, and completely Google friendly. That means more than just a few keywords and search tactics. While those are exceedingly important elements, they aren’t the ones that Google looks at. We make sure EVERYTHING is optimized, from page speed to image tags, and much more.

Mobile Friendly

The number gurus over at Statista tell us that over 50% of all website traffic comes from mobile devices. If your website isn’t completely mobile-friendly, you’re losing potential customers before you can even show them how amazing you are! All of our websites are fully responsive, which means they look stellar on any device.

Secure & Protected

That little padlock in the address bar? Yeah, we have lots of those. We’ll put one on your site, too. They’re important because they tell your customers their information and payments are secure. Besides that, we also work to ensure that those pesky malicious online attacks don’t hurt your company’s reputation or search rankings.

E-Commerce Ready

We love shopping local and supporting our neighbors! But we also love being able to share our favorite stores, boutiques, and food venues with our friends all over the world. We can help you set up a fully-functioning online shopping experience for your customers that will grow your reach AND your business.

Yours to Control

We know that you may not want to reach out to us every time you need to update your website. That’s why we work in platforms like WordPress and Squarespace. These flexible, SEO-friendly hosting options are also teachable! We offer live consultations and personalized videos that show you how to make the simple, everyday changes you may want to make on your own.

Set Up for Success & Growth

Once your website is built and optimized, you want people to see it, find it, stumble upon it in droves, right? We can help with that, too. We offer ongoing SEO services (organic and hyperlocal), copywriting and content creation, social media management, and all KINDS of digital marketing options. We look forward to telling you all about how we can help you stay visible and RISE above the noise.

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